RacquetTech Issue 2 - 2017 April 5, 2017 - Page 7

New Products Adidas has been named the Official Padel Racket for the World Padel Tour. The World Padel Tour and All for Padel, world licensee holder for Adidas have reached an agreement by which this firm becomes the technical sponsor on the Professional circuit for the next 2 seasons. Adidas joins a circle of prestigeous companies commit- ted to WPT. WPT have reached an agreement with Adidas (All for Padel) to manufacture various products related to padel throughout the world. The agreement appoints All for Padel as the techni- cal sponsor and the Official Padel Racket for the years 2017 and 2018 held onthe National WPT Circuie (Open and Masters Categories). The new official padel racket, ADIPOWER WPT, belongs to the top range of Addas products. On his part, Mario Hernando, CEO of World Padel Tour, highlights to associate the World Padel Tour with companies of huge prestige and influence such as Adidas is the key to its expansion. “Adidas will provide a high quality padel at a competi- tive price that will fulfill the expectations of consum- ers. I want to thank Adidas for its trust, commiment and support and hope this partnership will soar the growth of this wonderful sport.” 7