RacquetTech Issue 2 - 2017 April 5, 2017 - Page 20

20 Gabe Jaramillo Execution: 1- Start from the T or service line 2- Good and comfortable ready position, same as step one (drill 1) 3- Start with the racket up, top of the racket pointing at the sky, the hitting palm relaxed and facing in, the strings closed (pointing at the back of the head of the serving player) 4- As the toss goes up, the player has to load by coming to a trophy position 5- From the trophy position the player starts the forward motion by dropping the racket to the back scratch and transferring the weight of the body forward 6- After contact make sure to transfer the weight of the body from the back to the front foot DRILL THREE Objectives: 1- It is the third step into the proper progression of the racket preparation for the serve 2- The essential part is to establish the correct rhythm and sequence of the serve movement Execution: 1- Start with the body and racket in a good ready position 2- The first step- take the racket back in a short movement, half swing, at the same time transfer the weight of the body to the back foot 3- The second step- the player tosses the ball and transfers the weight of the body to the front leg, here the trophy position is formed 4- The third step- forward motion, making contact with the ball and transferring the weight of the body to the front landing inside the court, as player progresses he begins to incorporate the jump