RacquetTech Issue 2 - 2017 April 5, 2017 - Page 19

Gabe Jaramillo Objectives: 1- Simplify the motion 2- By having the racket already bak to start the movement, the player can feel the back scratch position 3- From here it easier to concentrate in the other parts of the swing Execution: 1- Start from the T or service line 2- Establish a good ready position, feet apart, front foot 45 degree angle 3- Start with the racket in the back-scratch position and the body sideways with the opposite shoulder pointing at the net 4- Tossing arm relaxed and down, with the palm open and the ball in the tip of the fingers 5- As he tosses the ball he starts loading by shifting the weight of the body backwards 6- During the forward motion the weight of the body is transfer from the back foot to the front foot 7- After contact the player needs to step into the court to make sure he transfers the weight of the body forward DRILL TWO Objectives: 1- It is second step in the progression of the proper racket head preparation for the serve 2- By starting with the racket up, with the elbow high and perpendicular to the ground the player now has to feel the racket head dropping behind his back 3- Easier rhythm for the execution of the shot 19