RacquetTech Issue 2 - 2017 April 5, 2017 - Page 18

18 Gabe Jaramillo Serve It is with the serve how every point starts, it is the determining factor if you start controlling the point of if you start from behind defending, and a few things are as important in determining just how you are able to handle the competition. Having a good reliable serve enhances your ability to win and to enjoy the game. Most players when faced with pressure immediately reach for a weak second serve, but imagine if you could hit your serve with power and confidence. One key to improve your serve potential lies in the pow- erful ability to perform your serve motion with the proper rhythm and tempo. Once you’ve gotten these three fundamentals down, you can branch out into serving different spins and placing the ball at will. I firmly recommend to all players to work at least 15 minutes a day serving on their own, picking a target and aiming at that target the entire serve practice time. DRILL ONE