RacquetTech Issue 2 - 2017 April 5, 2017 | Page 22

22 Gabe Jaramillo DRILL FOUR Objectives: 1- Putting all steps together using a full motion on the racket preparation Execution: 1- Start from the T or service line and after warming up move to the baseline 2- Follow steps one-two and three in that sequence 3- On the first step use a full swing with out loosing the rhythm 4- Start slowly making sure the sequence is follow until reaching the desirable feel 5- After reaching the right tempo the player can start serving harder 6- At this stage the player must be jumping to reach up for the ball and should be landing inside the court www.gabe-jaramillo.com COMING NEXT ISSUE!!!!!!! - String Test - Ashaway Squash - New Products - Industry News - Squash & Badminton News - ERSA Around the World - Tips - Tennis - Squash - Badminton