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ALBUM Celebrating 60 years “ Having missed the opportunity to celebrate our 50th, we agreed to make a proper effort for our 60th”, said Ryan Rennie. “It turned out to be a truly memorable occasion celebrated at Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg on 29 November 2018. It was about connecting with those who had made the milestone possible. Client, suppliers, staff, subcontractors, friends and family gathered for the awesome occasion. The milestone was an important one for the organisation but also for the Rennie family. The honour that was bestowed on me, really by nothing but birth right, to speak on behalf of the business and the family, was not lost on me. It was a great thing that for just a few hours we took some time out from the chaotic contracting world and acknowledged the special achievement. We had good music and hilarious entertainment. The venue and the food were perfect. Thank you to Michelle, and her team of Tanya and Fabian, for putting it all together.” SOME PERSPECTIVE It’s hard to imagine what the world and South Africa was like in 1958 but some of these events give some perspective on how long ago it really is: ◊ Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire” was at #1 ◊ Sir Edmund Hillary reached the South Pole ◊ The Bridge on the River Kwai won some Oscars ◊ Elvis Presley joined the army ◊ Arnold Palmer won the 22nd Masters Golf Tournament A WORD OF CONGRATULATIONS At the 60th celebration, Marco Ferdinandi of Mitsubishi said a few words about encountering the Rennies 25 years ago. “Some 25 years ago, I joined Aromatic Panasonic, and being the new kid on the block, one of my initiation tasks was to go through an extensive list of potential HVAC contractors who did not support Panasonic at the time. Soon enough, I got to meet the Rennie family. I immediately 6 • SHAMUS RENNIE • 60 YEARS • A THIRD GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS  knew that these people were unlike others. There is no way that such progressive, forward-thinking, professional people could hail from a little seaside town in southern KwaZulu-Natal. I thought that all they do in Port Shepstone was surf and cast bait! Anyway, to put our relationship into perspective, I qualified for a top achievers’ incentive trip to Kenya the following year, thanks to them. Before long, I had the privilege of working for Shamus Rennie. Even though my tenure was short, my departure to pursue an amazing career opportunity can be attributed to my time at Shamus Rennie. That path undoubtedly made massive inroads into my career, for which I will be forever grateful. During our working career, we will meet many different characters; some you would like to maintain a relationship with, others are rather forgettable, and in many cases, most are forgettable. However, with Shamus Rennie, it’s unique – I suppose many of you here tonight can relate to this. Only a family member can tell you that you may be smoking something a little too strong or ask you if you are crazy and need to catch a wake-up call – and you actually listen and give it some thought. I have had an interesting journey with Shamus Rennie: I have been a salesperson, annoying them to buy my products, I have been a client, and I have been an employee. I have to admit, no matter what side of the fence you are standing on, it’s always the same. They are a little crazy: You just never know what’s going to happen next and normally, when a crazy idea is mentioned, hold on to your seat, because the chances of it happening are very good. They are frank: mincing words does not come easy to the Rennies; you will soon know if they do not like your idea – even if you are a client of theirs. Consistency: Their professionalism, dedication to their staff and clients, and their incredible humility have always been a constant. I have no doubt that the Rennie family will leave an indelible mark on the South African HVAC industry for another 60 years. You mention the word ‘air conditioning’ to any non-air-conditioning person and I am sure the name Shamus Rennie will come up seven out of 10 times. Congratulations on your 60th year – you guys rock!" TIME TO CELEBRATE Check out some photos of the 60th celebrations. 0860 SHAMUS • www.shamusrennie.co.za