RACA Journal Shamus Rennie 60years - Page 18

FUTURE “ The process of building a better world never ends because our attempts to build better relationships are never f inished. „ take responsibility for yourself. You take care of yourself. If you are good at it, you will have some excess to take care of your family. If you good at both of those you have some excess left to take care of your community. Those are heavy burdens. You pick up those burdens. You find that this is meaningful. The best way to pick up the burden is to continually improve yourself and that is where the meaning is to be found. That meaning is in the continual self-transcendence. That’s letting your old self die and the new self be reborn. “The way out of political polarisation, the way out the excesses of the right and the left, the way out of racial disagreements, is through the individual. This is where the West got it right. The fundamental unit of measurement is the individual. The fundamental task of the individual is to engage in a process of humble self-improvement. That’s where the meaning is. That’s where the responsibility is. If enough people take responsibility for getting their individual lives together then we will get wise enough to stop our politicians creating the political polarisation that put us back to the same places that we were at in the 20th century.” It is self-evident that the world is a place of suffering and there are things to be done about that. It is self-evident that people are flawed and there are things to be done about that. The suffering could be reduced, and the human insufficiencies could be overcome if people orientated themselves properly and did what they were capable of doing. What is an organisation other than that which allows the expression of limitless human potential? In this fractured and chaotic world, it’s up to us to generate order. We are the ones who construct and give pattern to the 16 • SHAMUS RENNIE • 60 YEARS • A THIRD GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS  world – not by getting rid of unwieldy human emotions, the messy stuff that is us, but by beginning right there. And we do this through daily self-cultivation: working through our rituals to improve the way we relate to those around us; cultivating energies in our bodies so that we can live with more vitality; training our hearts and minds to work through daily decisions in a powerfully different way; and resisting our tendency to cut ourselves off from experience, so that we can become constantly receptive to new things. The process of building a better world never ends because our attempts to build better relationships are never finished. But as we learn how to better our relationships we will learn how to alter situations and there create infinite numbers of new worlds. If the world is fragmented, then it gives us every opportunity to construct things anew. It begins with the smallest things in our daily lives, from which we change everything. If we begin there, then everything is up to us. These are some of the ideas that we try to cultivate at Shamus Rennie and we look to the future with excitement! Ryan Rennie 0860 SHAMUS • www.shamusrennie.co.za