RACA Journal Shamus Rennie 60years - Page 16

FUTURE A vision for the future “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Richard Buckminster Fuller I n the spirit of Germany’s Mittelstander economy where small to medium-sized family organisations corner and dominate one small niche market through constant improvement and innovation rather than aiming to be bigger and bigger every year, Shamus Rennie is increasingly a specialised HVAC projects company. Our work has evolved significantly over the years and it has often been a tough road often keeping up with what is being asked of us. The massive challenges mean that we have developed certain individuals that give us amazing tenacity and an ability 14 • SHAMUS RENNIE • 60 YEARS • A THIRD GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS  to reinvent ourselves as a company. We like to see Shamus Rennie as a vehicle and environment where we can learn to be of service, to do meaningful work and for people to have life experiences to grow personally in ways that would not be open to them elsewhere. An organisation or company is after all a very special opportunity. It is an opportunity for a group of like-minded, but intentionally diverse people to create something that was not there before. The act of creation is ultimately what we are here on this planet for. Often it happens only semi-consciously and 0860 SHAMUS • www.shamusrennie.co.za