RACA Journal Shamus Rennie 60years - Page 14

now Shamus Rennie now The Shamus Rennie team has grown significantly over the years. C ontracting of any sort is a challenging undertaking. Trying to get the right people to the right place with right tools, the right information and the right materials is no mean feat. Our approach is to build personal, professional relationships with our customers. By knowing our customers we stand a better chance of understanding their requirements and ensuring that we are adapting to meet their needs. It’s amazing what you can miss if you don’t listen carefully. A further challenge is that those needs and circumstances keep evolving and as such, the business never stands still. Our structure is one that supports the work of the business. Any organisation that spends more time on internal processes, bureaucracy and internal politics is not going to be around for too long. We attempt to rather focus on doing the work of the business, which is to supply, install, commission and maintain a wide range of HVAC products. We have experimented significantly with progressive organisational structures over the years with varying success. It all comes back to people taking a personal responsibility for what they are there to do. No matter how we are structured, we always deliver on our promises and commitments. We look for projects that are: ◊ Difficult or complicated We have learnt that it serves us well to aspire, in every interaction, to satisfy three key things: ◊ We develop a creative working environment. ◊ We have well trained and ambitious staff. ◊ We are easy to work with. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The company prides itself on looking after its staff. Herewith a list of staff acknowledgements for long service: 10 YEARS AND LONGER: ◊ Mkhemu (Eric) Mthembu ◊ Dominic Ndlovu ◊ Marcia Mpe ◊ Deon van Wyk ◊ Thamsanqa (Innocent) Zondi ◊ Ernest Dzengerere ◊ Witness Chaire ◊ Madibana (Simon) Monoke ◊ Tight deadline ◊ Nomsa (Lebo) Macamba ◊ A combination of both ◊ Anna-Marie van der Merwe We have always had a simple approach to “strategy”. Ours is based on Sense and Respond rather than Predict and Control. Once again that takes a lot of listening and we do like to innovate and to tackle new types of projects. 12 • SHAMUS RENNIE • 60 YEARS • A THIRD GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS  15 YEARS AND LONGER: ◊ Mavin (Lenny) Moonsamy ◊ Moegamat (Adi) Hendricks 20 YEARS AND LONGER: ◊ Michelle Rennie ◊ Mimmie Moehi 25 YEARS AND LONGER: ◊ Carla Sebanz ◊ Ryan Rennie ◊ Kyle Rennie ◊ Poobalan (Trevor) Lanka ◊ Sathinathan (Bobby) Naidoo ◊ Duncan Pillay ◊ Moonsamy (Danny) Naidoo 0860 SHAMUS • www.shamusrennie.co.za