Quirky Soul Magazine Quirky Soul Magazine Issue 07 | Page 110

QSM - Tell us about your work in the community


Maiden Lane Community Centre...’Once a week I help run an after School Club at Maiden Lane Community Centre in Camden, we give access to parents to drop off their kids at the centre once a week and involve them in various activities of which we provide, we also give them the opportunity to tell us what they need regarding new ideas, activities and trips out. It also provides an outlet for young people to talk and open up of which for some who probably wouldn’t be able to in a school environment. It’s the epitome of fulfillment for me personally, watching these young people interact with each other from playing, encouraging support for each others personal achievements, being able to watch them resolve disputes, cause we’re dealing with a lot of energy here, in the hope that they will carry these principles into there daily school life’.

Peace. Wayne