Quinceanera.com E-Magazine 03-12-21 - Page 23


Sept 23 - Oct 22
You feel stressed because of the many responsibilities you have . Everything will change in your favor in a couple of weeks . You ’ ll have the opportunity to be introduced to new friends .


Oct 23 - Nov 21
Write down all of your great ideas and put them into practice when the opportunity arises . If you ’ re not happy with your current hobby , find a new one that you like as soon as possible .


Nov 22 - Dec 21
Your professional and home life does not match . Your family needs you to pay more attention to them ; money isn ’ t everything . You ’ ll easily make new friends .


Dec 22 - January 19
Although you have good luck , don ’ t blindly trust in others ; it is better to look for other better friendships . Your smile and positivity are infectious .


January 20 - Feb 18
Your housework is piling up and you ’ re going to have to get it done as soon as possible . Do your research when it comes to completing your homework take the time to learn ! Don ’ t get carried away by words .


Feb 19 - March 20
There is a possibility that your grades will get better ! Be very careful about what plans you make with friends . In regard to your love life , it seems that disappointments are over once and for all .