Quinceañera.com E-Magazine XV-MAGAZINE OCT 14 - Page 27


Sept 23 - Oct 22
Your mind will be especially quick and active today , Libra , and you ’ re likely to want to spend much of the day involved in intellectual activities like reading , writing , or teaching . Communication with others should be a powerful part of your day .


Oct 23 - Nov 21
Today you might decide to tackle your financial paperwork and get it all done . This is a great day for that , Scorpio , although you might be a little too ambitious and not get as much done as you ’ d like .


Nov 22 - Dec 21
Your mind is usually quick , agile , and hungry for information , Sagittarius . Today it ’ s likely to be even more so than usual . Your curiosity is high , and you could go to unusual lengths to satisfy it .


Dec 22 - January 19
You generally tend to be sensitive and intuitive , Capricorn , but today you might be even more so . Reading about people from other places and times might cause you to tune into their thoughts and feelings .


January 20 - Feb 18
A virtual group meeting or social event could bring up so many new and interesting ideas that you may not be able to digest them all , Aquarius .


Feb 19 - March 20
A lot of paperwork might need attention today , Pisces . You might throw a lot of your focus and energy into getting it all done . Stimulating conversations with colleagues could keep your mind occupied so you avoid boredom .
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