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The day of your Quinceañera is going to be a busy one full of activities . You ’ re going to be running around from your mass , photoshoot , and venue . Of course , we don ’ t expect anything bad to happen during your party but it ’ s always better to be safe than sorry . Keep reading to find out what to include in your very own kit . XV

A Quinceañera day survival kit should include all the things you might need in case of an emergency . For example , if your little cousins were to drop their drink on and you needed stain remover or if your period was starting .
What is a Quinceañera day survival kit ?
The survival kit should be carried by someone who will be with you all day . Ideally , this should be your mom . Although , it can also be carried by a sibling , court of honor , best friend , or your madrina .
Who should carry the kit ?