Quinceañera.com E-Magazine July Edition - Page 15

2. Red Velvet: Since the discovery of red velvet as a flavor, we now have seen and tasted red velvet cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, even frappuccinos! We love the creamy and rich texture combined with the cream cheese frosting that has a unique taste, neither chocolate nor vanilla. If your theme involves red, this cake flavor is a must! 3. Lemon: If your taste buds are desperately asking for something tangy on your very special day, order a lemon flavored Quince cake! To complete the cake, pair it off with lemon buttercream frosting or with delightfully fruity flavors such as raspberry or strawberry. Perfect for a spring time Quince! 4. Vanilla: You can’t go wrong with this classic flavor! It’s light, yet creamy and can be combined with just about anything! You can even dress it up with exotic flavors, the options are endless. Best of all, it goes with any theme and time of year! 5. Coconut & Lime: If you were indecisive between your Quince and a trip to an island paradise, why not bring the tropical elements to your Quince? The combination of the tartness from the lemon and the richness from the coconut will not disappoint! If you want to stay away from chocolate, you can still have a rich flavor by choosing this flavor.