Quinceañera.com E-Magazine July Edition - Page 14

10 XV CAKE FLAVORS Have you heard the expression “what truly counts is the inside”? So true, even when it comes to a Quince cake! Don’t get me wrong, you want a gorgeous cake that’ll amaze your guests the moment they first lay their eyes on it. But you also want your guests to enjoy every bite and rave about it! HERE THEY ARE! THESE ARE THE TOP 10 QUINCE CAKE FLAVORS THAT WON’T DISAPPOINT! P.S. PLAN TO VISIT YOUR LOCAL BAKERY AFTER READING ABOUT THESE DIVINE DELICACIES, JUST SAYIN’ ; ) 1. Chocolate: Even though you’re nervously transitioning into womanhood, you’re still allowed to love chocolate! With so many different chocolate flavors depending on the richness, it can be easily paired with other flavors such as strawberry, mint, and banana. To make it super rich, tell your baker to add chocolate fudge or choose a German chocolate cake to lighten the flavor. Considering the fact that chocolate has been the #1 flavor for years in a row, your guests will not resist holding back from taking another bite!