Quinceañera.com E-Magazine April 29 - Page 14

Taurus season begins April 20- May 20 and is the second zodiac sign which is symbolized by the bull . You love to see things grow and thrive . I mean your birthday might be one of the most important because it falls on one of the most popular seasons , spring and we get to celebrate this beautiful earth that we live on . But don ’ t get it twisted , you love to indulge in life ' s finer things . You ’ re a true MA- TERIAL GWORL ! There ’ s no shame in that because you know what you like and how hard you have to work to get it . So it ’ s okay to splurge once in a while , especially for your once-in-a-lifetime Quinceañera . So , if you want to know how to have a big Taurus energy quince party then keep on reading .

DREAM TAURUS DRESS As a Taurus , your perfect color palette is made up of green , pink , and white . When choosing your dream quince dress you have a specific taste , you will always want quality over quantity !
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