Quinceañera.com E-Magazine 01-29-21 - Page 30



March 21 - April 19 Since most things are going well for you , continue to act according to the plan with your family and friends . Someone is hiding something from you , but it won ’ t affect you in any way . Try not to let it get to you !


April 20 - May 20
Get in the habit of being kinder and more loving to the important people in your life . Now is the time to get organized before making plans with your friends .


May 21 - June 20
Someone who has always supported you now needs a favor that only you can do . When it comes to your friends , think carefully before acting .


June 21 - July 22
Get ready for great news ! You haven ’ t had good luck , but that will end very soon . Don ’ t try to change ! Those close to you love you just the way you are .


July 23 - August 22
Try to learn something new or change your routine , otherwise , you ’ ll become bored in your school work and in your friendships .


August 23 - Sept 22
Be more flexible with your plans ; everyone has the right to change their mind . Don ’ t be surprised if you receive a call or invitation from someone you really like .