Quinceañera.com E-Magazine 01-22-21 - Page 23

5 . Coconut & Lime

If you were indecisive between your Quince and a trip to an island paradise , why not bring the tropical elements to your Quince ? The combination of the tartness from the lemon and the richness from the coconut will not disappoint ! If you want to stay away from chocolate , you can still have a rich flavor by choosing this flavor .

6 . Carrot

Who knew carrots would become a pleasantly sweet flavor ? If you ' re bold and think chocolate and vanilla are boring , a carrot cake will best fit your cake desire for your Quince . Grated carrots and nuts will beautifully top off your cake !

7 . Tiramisu

If your menu consists of Italian food , why not finish it off with a piece of tiramisu for dessert ? Tiramisu has been an increasingly popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert over the years . Ladyfingers dipped in coffee with a pinch of cocoa makes this flavor dreamy !