Queengineers Issue 1 | Page 21

Describe your job.

I currently work at the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company, KETRACO, as a graduate electrical engineer. My job involves designing and supervising the construction of high voltage electrical transmission towers and substations.

What problem does your job help to solve? How does your job make the world a better place?

With the construction of the transmission network, more electricity is supplied to more Kenyans with higher reliability and efficiency. This enables Kenyans to save more money on electricity and energy.

Why did you choose a career in Engineering? What was your greatest influence in making the decision?

My greatest influence was my passion to do that which was almost forbidden for women. I wanted to defy the odds.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about mentorship of women in energy and community development. Women carry the biggest burden when it comes to poor infrastructure in our country. Therefore they ought to play the greatest role in community development through construction of infrastructure .This can be achieved by encouraging more women to take a keen interest in the science, technology and engineering fields. I believe that for Kenya to be at the forefront of development, we need to empower our women.

What would you enjoy doing even if you were not paid to do it?

I would enjoy talking to women across all walks of life; listening to their stories, appealing to them to take charge of their lives and improve their communities. I would enjoy cooking, writing stories and dancing and using these hobbies to bring people together to talk about sensitive issues that affect our development as a country.

State some of your hobbies.

I love to cook, write and read – I am currently reading Osho's international “Atheist”. I also enjoy dancing to several genres of music including ‘Merengue’ and ‘Palo De Mayo’.

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

I would say, “Do not conform to the small box the world is trying to fit you in, you have so much power and so much energy to go beyond and achieve more than you can possibly imagine! Surround yourself with people who understand that and harness this energy for good."

What would you like to be remembered for?

For my contribution to my country in the field of energy, for my writing and for the values I instilled in the children I will leave behind.