Queengineers Issue 1 | Page 11

Describe your job.

I presently work as an economic consultant. I use data and information to help clients understand where the value is or use data to come up with mathematical models to help clients understand how to best spend their money to achieve the best results at the lowest cost.

What problem does your job help to solve? How does your job make the world a better place?

My job helps people make the best economic decisions and helps people run their industries, companies and countries as efficiently as is scientifically possible.

Why did you choose a career in Engineering? What was your greatest influence in making the decision?

It seemed like a great way to get started in terms of thinking about large scale solutions to my motherland's problems.

What are you passionate about?

Sustainability, renewable energy and its availability to all, preservation of the environment, provision of top class education to African scholars and Africans making the continent live up to all its potential.

What would you enjoy doing even if you were not paid to do it?

Being an elephant keeper - like the ones at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I would also like to work as a Governor or Cabinet Secretary - helping the Kenyan government run super efficiently is my dream and what I have trained my entire life for and I would happily work for the government without pay.

State some of your hobbies.

I enjoy watching nature documentaries.

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

The world is your oyster. Live confidently. Dream as if anything is a possibility. Work as if all your dreams will definitely come true. Don't get bogged down by the realities of high school drama - the boys, the mean girls and toxic gossip. Take time to dream and smile and get up each day and courageously chase after your dreams. Be careful who you end up dating - the partner you choose could either help you reach and surpass your potential or could crush your ambition entirely. Make friends who are just as ambitious as you are - you will encourage each other in this journey.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Making Africa the ‘IT’-continent; that place that's still paradise but is so ahead of the rest of the world that everyone is dying to get the equivalent of the African green-card.