Quebec High School Open House 2016 - Page 6

Quebec High gets an “A” for our Athletic program! At QHS all students take regular Physical Education classes during the 10 day cycle. Introduction to various sports, training techniques, first-aid, CPR and other healthy lifestyle instruction are given over the five years QHS has a long tradition of providing competitive teams in the inter-scolastic (RSEQ) leagues. All sports at QHS are offered to both male and female athletes. One stop in the gymnasium of QHS and you will see testimony to the history of championship teams as the banners hang proudly on display. We are proud that our coaches are staff members and Alumni. Our motto is that quality coaches are the foundation to any successful program. Jordon Brashear St. Vincent’s Elementary Graduate 2011 A - Cross Country Running -Basketball - Track and Field - Rugby - Outdoor Soccer Blue & Gold Fitness Facility Vanessa Bleau St. Foy Elementary Graduate 2010 A fully equipped weight & cardio room is available for use by our Blazer athletes and senior gym classes