Quebec High School Open House 2016 - Page 5

School Academics We are proud that the QHS 2016 results helped propel the Central Quebec School Board to one of the top School Boards in the Province of Quebec! Quebec High School Success Rates 2016 QHS Results Provincial Results French Second Language Enriched French Mother Tongue French Second Language 100 95.2 80 99 93 89 96.2 89.5 93 Science Math Math CST 91.4 93 90 85 92.2 67.9 Science 87.7 75 77.2 Histo History 93 88 78 100 100 98.1 English Language Arts A CQSB Results √Črika-Ann Savoie Everest Elementary Graduate 2012 Did you know? At QHS we are into year 3 of our 1-to-1 Ipad program. All secondary 1 and 2 students have their own iPad to use throughout the school day. Quebec High School was the first school in the Central Quebec School Board to install SMART boards in each classroom. We are committed to insuring that our staff and students have access to the latest technology.