Quebec High School Open House 2016 - Page 4

Quebec High Quebec High School offers an enriched educational program in English. An engaged staff promotes academic success, creative development, healthy living and active citizenship within the caring atmosphere of a small school. Academic success is at the core of what we do at QHS. Arts, Athletics, and Active Citizenship support our goal of helping our students achieve academically. Enriched Curriculum: In addition to the core subjects, options are offered in: - Science Concentration - Basketball and Soccer Concentration - Entrepreneurship / Leadership - Home Economics - Dance & Music Concentration - Visual Arts, Drama, & Music - Robotics - French Mother Tongue - Woodworking and Ceramics - Spanish - Business/Marketing - Experimental Science - Outdoor Education Program Louis Bleau Ste-Foy Elementary Graduate 2012 Quebec High School Class of 2016 Did you know? Our resource team provides services and programs for students that might require extra help. After-school homework club and tutoring are available