Quantico MCCS LIFE HITT Event Program - Page 4

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTIONS: EVENT ONE: Marksmanship Simulator, CFT, and Wighted Run Butler Stadium, Monday, September 9, 8-10:30 AM Beginning at The HITT facility outside of Butler Stadium, competitors will have two minutes to study 12 items in a KIMS memorization game. They will then move to a rifle marksmanship simulator where they will engage targets in a fast-paced, cognitive workload decision-making exercise. The competitors will then head to the field in Butler Stadium where they will complete a Combat Fitness Test followed by increasingly difficult weighted trail run and ending with the conclusion of the memorization game. EVENT TWO: Combat Swimmer Challenge TBS Pool and NATO Obstacle Course, Monday, September 9, 12:30-3 PM Beginning in the Ramer Hall Pool, the competitors will conduct a platform jump and a series of object retrievals from the bottom of the pool. From there they will run roughly one mile through the TBS trails and the Bayonet Assault Course. The competitors will then complete the grueling NATO Obstacle Course. EVENT THREE: USMC Obstacle Course and Pugil Sticks TBS Obstacle Course, Tuesday, September 10, 8-10:30 AM At the TBS Obstacle Course, competitors will be challenged with a one-versus-one race to complete the obstacle course two times consecutively coupled with a weapon assembly and disassembly. They will then immediately transition to pugil stick bouts where, for the first time ever in a HITT Championship, competitors will fight each other in various iterations of pugil sticks. EVENT FOUR: BeaverFit Assault Rig Challenge Butler Stadium, Tuesday, September 10, 12:30-3 PM At this event, competitors will be challenged with taking on the brand new BeaverFit Assault Rig. After conquering the “Rig,” the competitors will race through an obstacle course consisting of various sprints, crawls, tire flips, sled drags, farmer’s carries, and more - totaling over 600 yards of challenging combat movement. 4