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February 2017 ISSUE
February 9th Workshop Your Business Profile
8:15am-12:00pm ABQ or via live webinar
February 16th Workshop Leadership Tools — Progress
8:15am-12:00pm ABQ or via live webinar
February 21st PEP Talk — Webinar for Partners Only
1:00pm-2:00pm via live webinar
February 23rd Workshop Preparing a Self-Assessment *
February Cutting-Edge Learning
8:15am-1:30pm ABQ in-person only * required workshop if considering submittal to the 2017 NMPEA
Rathi Casey , an Architect with FBT Architects , grew up in Hong Kong , studied and worked in Houston , Paris , Hong Kong , New York and San Francisco .
Her interest in learning more about organizational processes and efficiencies , while considering herself a process-driven analytical thinker ,
she desired to meet like-minded professionals , within and outside of her industry which lead her to being introduced to QNM by a friend . Rathi completed her first year on the 2016 Board of Examiners .
She is passionate about the Examiner work ! She “ learned so much , met great people and worked with a team that betters their own organizations .“ How could being an Examiner relate to being an architect ? The examiner process and experience helped her manage architectural projects and understand the need for teamwork . Developing these skills have further assisted her processes outside of work and in daily life .
“ I have spoken about QNM quite a Examiner Spotlight bit ” says Rathi , “ and I would recommend it to friends and colleagues who are looking to further their professional skills .”
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18-19 Isleta Resort Albuquerque Purpose Discovery Action
2017 Learning Summit
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For Sessions & Workshops visit the conference webpage or call ( 301 ) 975-2036 or visit baldrige @ nist . gov
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QUEST for Excellence National Conference
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