QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 85 - Page 26

26 QMYOU / Where are you now ?


In October 2017 , QMU celebrated the 10th anniversary of its move to the Musselburgh campus . In the next few pages , we highlight some of the graduates who have studied at the campus in East Lothian and look at what they are doing now .

Sheila Murray

MA Arts , Festival and Cultural Management ( graduated 2015 )

WHILST STUDYING FOR her master ’ s at QMU , Sheila was appointed to the board of Creative Scotland - the government agency in charge of promoting Scotland ’ s arts , screen and creative industries .

Sheila , who is from Edinburgh , had significant arts management experience both in the UK , and abroad , including board membership of several high profile arts organisations . Her MA at QMU covered the role and purpose of boards , in addition to a wide spectrum of issues affecting Scotland ’ s arts and culture . She was , indeed , a perfect fit for the Creative Scotland board .
Sheila said : “ I ’ m a firm believer in the need for continuous learning . The course deepened my skills through practical application and academic discussion of issues facing cultural leaders today . I underestimated the rigour , but it was an invaluable , highly enjoyable experience ”.
Since graduating , Sheila continues to make a significant contribution to the Scottish arts through her judging for the Inches Carr Trust , as curator for the Edinburgh Macmillan Cancer Support Art Show and recently , as a mentor to undergraduate art students at Reading University . ❒

Stuart Duncan

Executive Master ’ s Public Services Management ( now Master of Public Administration – MPA ) ( graduated 2010 )

Before enrolling on the Executive Master ’ s in Public Services Management , Stuart from Bo ’ ness was leading the creation and establishment of one of Scotland ’ s largest public service partnerships .

In 2009 , Stuart moved to the Scottish Government to work in the Justice department and led a number of major summary justice reform programmes . In 2014 , Stuart was appointed a Programme Director at the Scottish Government and authored the Digital Strategy for Justice in Scotland . He has since been leading an implementation programme to deliver the objectives set out in the strategy ; transforming administrative , civil and criminal justice in Scotland .
In January 2017 , Stuart joined the Leading Improvement Team in the Scottish Government to help departments and organisations across the public sector shape their change and improvement work .
He said : “ The Executive Master ’ s in Public Services Management helped me better understand the evolution of government in the UK and devolved administration here in Scotland . The knowledge that I acquired certainly made me more inquisitive . Even now , I constantly question policy and look for evidence to verify decisions .” ❒

Michael Grant and Agata Jagodzinska

BA ( Hons ) Film ( 2007 - 2011 )

MICHAEL GRANT FROM Auchterarder started studying at QMU when it had just opened its new campus in 2007 . In 2010 , he met Agata Jagodzinska , a Polish student , and the duo went into partnership together in 2012 when they established Raw Film Productions , a video production company .

Michael said : “ In the last few years our work has included travel to Canada for the Royal and Ancient Golf Association ; and to Malawi to highlight the work of the charity 500 Miles which makes prosthetics and orthotics for people with mobility difficulties , giving them a chance to live independent lives . Through our film contacts we have raised awareness of serious health issues through our involvement with the Mental Welfare Commission , and created a historical documentary of the ancient two week ceremony ‘ Musselburgh ’ s Riding of the Marches . Currently we are working on a promotional film for the Lamp of Lothian and documentary about the Fishwives of Musselburgh .
“ Our company now specialises in promotional film for third sector organisations and documentary work for charities .”
Michael concluded : " Over the years we have also had the opportunity to collaborate with other QMU graduate start ups such as Round Frames , Smart Film Production , and Front Edge Media . We believe this is important because by having a strong network of talented filmmakers to work with , we can take on larger projects together and so develop our businesses further ." ❒

26 QMYOU / Where are you now ?

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS ON CAMPUS I n October 2017, QMU celebrated the 10th anniversary of its move to the Musselburgh campus. In the next few pages, we highlight some of the graduates who have studied at the campus in East Lothian and look at what they are doing now. Sheila Murray MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management (graduated 2015) W HILST STUDYING FOR her master’s at QMU, Sheila was appointed to the board of ܙX]]H[ HHݙ\Y[Y[H[\Hو[[[8&\\ܙY[[ܙX]]H[\Y\˂Z[K\HY[\ YYۚYX[\›X[Y[Y[^\Y[H[HR[XY [Y[\Y[X\\و]\[Yٚ[B\ܙ[\][ۜˈ\PH]SUHݙ\YHB[\Hو\[Y][ۈHYHX[Bو\Y\YX[[8&\\[[\KB\[YY H\X]܈HܙX]]H[\ Z[HZY8'x&[HH\H[Y]\[HYY܂۝[[\X\[ˈH\HY\[Y^B[YXX[\X][ۈ[XY[ZX™\\[ۈو\Y\X[[\[XY\^KB[\\[X]YHY\]]\[[[XXKYH[XXH^\Y[x'K[HܘYX][Z[H۝[Y\XZHBYۚYX[۝X][ۈH\\Y\Y[܈H[\\\ \\]܈܈BY[\XXZ[[[\\ܝ\[X[K\HY[܈[\ܘYX]H\Y[˜]XY[[]\]K8dX\[[^X]]HX\\&\XX\X\X[Y[Y[X\\وXXYZ[\][ۈ8$TJH ܘYX]Y L BYܙH[[ۈH^X]]HX\\&\š[XX\X\X[Y[Y[ X\H&[\\XY[HܙX][ۈ[\X\Y[وۙHو[8&\\\XXœ\XH\\\˂[ KX\[ݙYH\ݙ\Y[ܚ[H\XH\\Y[[YH\وXZ܈[[X\H\XHYܛHܘ[[Y\ˈ[ M X\\\[YHܘ[[YH\X܂]H\ݙ\Y[[]]ܙYHY][]YH܈\XH[[ H\[HY[XY[[[\[Y[][ۈܘ[[YH[]\HؚX]\]][H]YN[ٛܛZ[˜YZ[\]]K][[ܚ[Z[[\XH[[ [[X\H MX\[YHXY[’[\ݙ[Y[X[H[H\ݙ\Y[š[\\Y[[ܙ[\][ۜXܛHXXœX܈\HZ\[H[[\ݙ[Y[ܚ˂HZY8'H^X]]HX\\&\[XX\X\“X[Y[Y[[YYH]\[\[B]][ۈوݙ\Y[[HR[]YYZ[\][ۈ\H[[ HۛYB]HX]Z\Y\Z[HXYHYH[ܙH[]Z\]]K][Hۜ[H]Y\[ۈXH[܂]Y[H\YHX\[ۜ˸'H8dZXY[ܘ[[Y]HY[BH ۜH[H H LJBBPQSԐSH]X\\\\YYZ[]SUH[]Y\[Y]][\\[ ˈ[ L HY]Y]HY[KH\Y[ [H[[[\\\]\[ L[^H\X\Y][HX[ۜBY[X[ۈ\[KZXY[ZY8'[H\]YX\\ܚ\š[YY][[YH܈HX[[[Y[\X][ێ[X[]HYYHܚ›وH\]H L Z[\XXZ\]X[ܝX܈[H][ؚ[]HYX[Y\][[HH[H]H[\[[]\ˈY\[H۝XH]HZ\Y]\[\و\[\šX[\Y\Y\[[Y[]BY[[[\H[Z\[ۋ[ܙX]YH\ܚX[SVSH \H\H[H™[\HوH[Y[YZ\[[۞B&]\[\8&\Y[وHX\\ˈ\[HB\Hܚ[ۈH[[ۘ[[H܈H[\قX[[[\HX]H\]\ق]\[\ '\\[HXX[\\[[[ۘ[[B܈\X܈ܙ[\][ۜ[[\Hܚ™܈\]Y\˸'BZXY[ۘYYݙ\HYX\H]B[YHܝ[]HXܘ]H]\SUHܘYX]H\\X\[[Y\X\[HX[ۋ[۝YHYYXKB[Y]H\\[\ܝ[X]\HH][Hۙ›]ܚو[[Y[Z\ܚ] H[ZHۈ\\ڙX]\[][\\[\\\\8d