QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 75 - Page 4

4 QMYOU / News in Brief



QMU wins outstanding leadership awards

IN JUNE 2012 , QMU ’ s management team was presented with the top accolade in the Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards . The Awards celebrate leadership , management , financial and business skills in UK higher education institutions . QMU is the first Scottish university to secure the top award .

Within three years QMU has been transformed from a university facing many challenges in terms of its finances , strategy and organisational culture , to be recognised as having the best leadership and management in the UK university sector . At the London based ceremony , QMU was recognised for its clear decisionmaking and staff engagement which has been pivotal to its success in increasing student applications , student numbers , research and commercialisation success , and financial results .
Tell us what you want , what you really really want !

THERE ’ S NO BETTER WAY to find out what employers really want in a graduate than inviting them to share their thoughts . So , earlier this year , QMU hosted a session with senior business leaders to find out more about their employability and research needs . The meeting brought together business leaders from across

Scotland with QMU academics and managers . The aim was to gain a better understanding of which specific skills and experiences employers are seeking in graduates , and also to identify any research needs that businesses might have .
Employers were delighted to be asked their opinion on what graduate attributes they would find most helpful , and to learn more about how universities could support business development and future research needs . The valuable feedback is now being used by the University to shape future teaching curricula .
Alan Gilloran , QMU ’ s Vice Principal ( Academic ) said : “ Our economic climate is constantly evolving and it is essential that universities are responsive to employers ’ needs and equip students with the skills they need to hit the ground running when they enter the work force . At the same time , businesses need to tap into the wealth of expertise which exists within Scottish universities – expertise which can lead to new product innovation and strategy and service development , ensuring that Scottish businesses remain competitive and responsive to new opportunities .”
If your company development could benefit from some specialist input speak to QMU ’ s Business Innovation Executive or visit www . qmu . ac . uk / business _ industry / default . htm .
‘ Broken Bodies ’ science fest comes to East Lothian

IN MAY , QMU HELD a fun health science festival which introduced over 200 school children to the fascinating area of healthcare .

The event called ‘ Broken Bodies ’ followed on from the University ’ s involvement in Edinburgh ’ s International Science Festival . For several years , QMU has sponsored the highly successful ‘ ER Surgery ’ which is geared towards young children . However , the University was keen to extend some of the magic of the festival to East Lothian .
‘ Broken Bodies ’ allowed secondary school pupils to use the University ’ s high-tech clinical facilities and to engage with a wide range of health experts .
Alan Gilloran , Vice Principal ( Academic ), explained : “ QMU has outstanding clinical facilities and this event allowed us to provide young people with hands-on experience of patient treatment in a realistic clinical environment .”
The event , which was for school children in S1 to S3 , got them involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients in a variety of disciplines including physiotherapy , podiatry , radiography , nursing , occupational therapy , dietetics and nutrition .
Ken Aitchison , ‘ Broken Bodies ’ organiser , said : “ It was the equivalent of ‘ kids ’ casualty ’ - hands-on patient treatment with loads of fun and the inevitable gore for good measure . The school children dealt with three patients - one with a knee injury , a patient with Diabetes and an emergency admission of a patient with a suspected stroke . The University ’ s health professionals then assisted the children in using specialist equipment to help treat and rehabilitate the patients .”
Alan Gilloran concluded : “ We want QMU to be a valuable resource to the community . This is a great way to get children , at an early age , through the doors of a university , and experience different aspects of healthcare . We hope this fun , active event fired up children ’ s curiosity about treatment and patient care .”
This event not only confirmed QMU ’ s commitment to Health and Rehabilitation , one of its flagship areas , but it also provided outstanding learning opportunities for 45 QMU health students who assisted with the practical activities .

4 QMYOU / News in Brief

NEWS IN BRIEF Scotland with QMU academics and managers. The aim was to gain a better understanding of which specific skills and experiences employers are seeking in graduates, and also to identify any research needs that businesses might have. Employers were delighted to be asked their opinion on what graduate attributes they would find most helpful, and to learn more about how universities could support business development and future resea &6VVG2FRfV&RfVVF&62r&VpW6VB'FRVfW'6GF6RgWGW&PFV6r7W'&7VvV&VBFv&G2Vr6G&VvWfW"FRVfW'6Gv2VVFWFVB6R`FRv2bFRfW7FfFV7BF( '&V&FW>( vVB6V6F'66W2FW6RFRVfW'6G( 2vFV66Ɩ6f6ƗFW2BFVvvRvFvFP&vRbVFWW'G2Uu0% Rv2WG7FFpVFW'6v&G0TR#"^( 2vVV@FVv2&W6VFVBvFFPF66FRFRFW0vW"VGV6FVFW'6@vVVBv&G2FRv&G06VV'&FRVFW'6vVVBf6B'W6W7262TvW"VGV6F7FGWF2R0FRf'7B66GF6VfW'6GF6V7W&PFRFv&BvFF&VRV'2R2&VVG&6f&VBg&VfW'6Gf6p6VvW2FW&2bG2f6W27G&FVwB&v6F7VGW&RF&P&V6v6VB2frFR&W7BVFW'6BvVVBFRTVfW'6G6V7F"BFRF&6VB6W&VRv2&V6v6VBf"G26V"FV66ЦrB7FfbVvvVVBv60&VVfFFG27V66W727&V6p7GVFVBƖ6F27GVFVBV&W'2&W6V&6B6W&6Ɨ6F7V66W72Bf6&W7VG2FVW2vBRvBv@R&Vǒ&VǒvB@U$^( 2$UEDU"tFf@WBvBVW'2&Vǒv@w&GVFRFfFrFVЧF6&RFV"FVvG26V&ƖW F2V"R7FVB6W76vF6V"'W6W72VFW'2FfBW@&R&WBFV"V&ƗG@&W6V&6VVG2FRVWFr'&Vv@FvWFW"'W6W72VFW'2g&7&70@ՔRWw2'&V`v&^( 2f6R&66FV֖26C( W"V6֖26ƖFR067FFǒWffrBB2W76VFF@VfW'6FW2&R&W76fRFVW'>( VVG2BWV7GVFVG2vFFR60FWVVBFBFRw&VB'VrvVFWVFW"FRv&f&6RBFR6RFR'W6W76W2VVBFFFFRvVFbWW'F6Rv6W7G2vF66GF6VfW'6FW2( 2WW'F6Rv66V@FWr&GV7BfFB7G&FVwB6W'f6RFWfVVBV7W&rF@66GF6'W6W76W2&V6WFFfPB&W76fRFWr'GVFW2( ФbW"6FWfVVB6VB&VVf@g&6R7V6Ɨ7BWB7VF^( 0'W6W72fFWV7WFfR"f6BwwrR2V'W6W75GW7G'FVfVBF( '&V&FW>( 66V6PfW7B6W2FV7BFऐRTBgVVF66V6RfW7Ffv6G&GV6V@fW"#666G&VFFPf66Fr&VbVF6&RFRWfVB6VB( '&V&FW>( fvV@g&FRVfW'6G( 2ffVVBVF'W&v( 2FW&F66V6RfW7Fff"6WfW&V'2R276&V@FRvǒ7V66W76gV( U"7W&vW'( v60v&f6R&66FV֖2WVC( R2WG7FFr6Ɩ6f6ƗFW2BF2WfVBvVBW2F&fFPVrVRvFG2WW&V6PbFVBG&VFVB&VƗ7F26Ɩ6Vf&VB( ХFRWfVBv6v2f"666G&V3F32vBFVffVBFRG&VFV@B&V&ƗFFbFVG2f&WG`F66ƖW26VFr6FW&FG'&Fw&W'6r67WFFW&FWFWF72BWG&FशVF66( '&V&FW>( &v6W"6C( ėBv2FRWVfVBb( G>( 67VG( G2FVBG&VFVBvFG0bgVBFRWfF&Rv&Rf"v@V7W&RFR666G&VFVBvFF&VRFVG2RvFVRW'FVBvFF&WFW2BVW&vV7F֗76bFVBvF7W7V7FV@7G&RFRVfW'6G( 2VF&fW760FV767FVBFR6G&VW6r7V6Ɨ7@WVVBFVG&VBB&V&ƗFFRFPFVG2( Фv&66VFVC( vRvBPF&RfV&R&W6W&6RFFR6VGF22w&VBvFvWB6G&VBV&ǐvRF&VvFRF'2bVfW'6G@WW&V6RFffW&VB7V7G2bVF6&RvRRF2gV7FfRWfVBf&VBW6G&V( 27W&6G&WBG&VFVB@FVB6&R( ХF2WfVBBǒ6f&VB^( 06֗FVBFVFB&V&ƗFFRbG2fw6&V2'WBB6&fFV@WG7FFrV&r'GVFW2f"CPRVF7GVFVG2v767FVBvFFP&7F67FfFW2