QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 75 - Page 25

Investing in Student Development – How You Can Help H ere at QMU we are committed to helping students get the most out of their time at University. One of the ways in which we do this is to run a number of student-centred charitable funds which improve the student experience in various ways. These funds are generously supported by alumni donations and without your support we would be unable to provide the kind of learning materials and experiences which enhance the student experience beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. Details on how you can donate are below. The Vice Chancellor’s Fund – Broadening Students’ Horizons The Vice-Chancellor’s Fund was set up by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Petra Wend with the sole aim of supporting students who wish to take part in study or research abroad. Offering part-funding for student trips, the Fund has already supported 13 students over the last two years, with destinations as diverse as Finland, the USA, Australia and the Czech Republic. Professor Wend has been very active in raising the funds to support these trips herself – in fact visitors rarely leave without having purchased a set of cards which depict various views of the campus, painted by Professor Wend, from which all proceeds go towards this worthwhile cause. QMU Merchandise Accessories Glassware Clothing & lots more... www.cafepress.co.uk/qmu One of the students who was lucky enough to be funded through the 2011 round of awards was Sarah Sproule, a third year Speech and Language Therapy student. With the help of the VC’s Fund, Sarah was able to accept a placement in Brisbane, Australia, working alongside speech and language professionals in a completely different environment from that which she had experienced in the UK. “The time I spent in Brisbane was a fantastic learning experience and I feel as though I developed both personally and professionally,” said Sarah. “I spent 17 days working alongside several speech and language pathologists within many different school environments. I felt proud to have represented QMU in a new placement.” Also benefiting from the 2011 awards was Alice Stockton, currently studying for an MSc in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Alice spent four weeks taking part in a funded project in Uganda to help rehabilitate street children through animal assisted therapy and primate-based communication and art activities. “The project initiated very powerful and important work, which was completely life- changing,” said Alice. “It opened me up to a completely new culture; one so dynamic and vibrant and quite different from my own. Having the opportunity to facilitate therapeutic work in Uganda has developed my skills and means of adapting as a therapist.” Alice graduated this year and is planning to move to Uganda and establish her new NGO, Kulwa-Abaana, providing therapeutic programmes for street children and advocating children’s rights. (More information available at www.kulwa- abaana.org ) If you would like to support the work and development of our students overseas, you can do so in the following ways. You can purchase Professor Wend’s cards, from which all proceeds go towards the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund, in our shop on campus or online at www.qmu.ac.uk/QMU-Online-Shop. Or you can donate directly to the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund at www.qmu. ac.uk/alumni_and_friends/VC_Fund.htm. LRC Book Fund Fund – Broadening the Learning Experience The Library Resource Centre (LRC) Book Fund, which is administered by LRC staff, offers gr aduates and their families the opportunity to support the learning of current students by helping to purchase new books and electronic resources. You can target your gift towards a particular area of interest, or leave it up to the LRC staff to direct it towards the area of greatest need. If you would like to donate to the LRC Book fund, donations can be made online a www.qmu.ac.uk/alumni_and_friends/LRCBook_fund.htm QMYOU / Alumni & Development News 25