QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 75 - Page 21

With support from a university business development manager and academic and research experts, coupled with high tech laboratory facilities, QMU can assist companies with many of their business development requirements. “Often, the kind of knowledge and facilities that exist within the University are just not available within a small company. It’s really important for the Scottish economy that small and medium sized companies (SMEs) begin to tap into university resources. QMU can offer a broad spectrum of support to food businesses: from product development and analysis, and detailed information about the effects of food on health indicators such as blood pressure, through to food and drink marketing strategies.” Researchers at the University will be assisting Chillilicious with the development of their chilli food product range. Sheena explained: “QMU will be conducting nutritional analysis of the company’s existing product range. We will also be running focus groups with the aim of gaining valuable information which will help to inform the development of the company’s future product line.” To fund this work, Chillilicious was awarded an innovation voucher from Scottish Funding Council via Interface, the Higher Education sector’s knowledge connection service for business, to the tune of £4760. This will pay for the research and development work undertaken by the University’s experts. Stacey Galfskiy, who currently also works as an artist, is keen to promote the benefits of using university expertise. She said: “It’s really challenging to get a new company off the ground when you have your foot in two camps – working at your current job whilst also trying to build a new business. You can’t be an expert in everything and there is so much to get to grips with when trying to grow a business. We were delighted to be matched with Queen Margaret University and to find out that specialist help and funding are available to support small business development. We are really excited about both working with the Queen Margaret team and about the next stage in development of our unique business.” You can find out more about the foodie delights produced by Chillilicious by visiting www.chillilicious.co.uk/. Or you can sample their wares at many of Fife’s festivals scheduled to take place during 2012. You can find out more about QMU’s commercial support at www.qmu.ac.uk/ and about innovation vouchers and other funding schemes at www.interface-online.org.uk. QMYOU / Commercial Work 21