Q Life Magazine Issue 8 - Page 36

Resilient by nature
A deeper look at Barzan Holdings
We believe that developing the local knowledge-based economy is part of our contribution towards a lasting legacy for Qataris .
Saoud Al Mannai Director of Armaments at Barzan Holdings
Issue 8 Resilient by nature of the filmmakers connected to them – the Institute decided to proceed with an adapted, completely revolutionised online mentorship and support format. “The adapted online version of Qumra 2020 was a truly inspirational extension of our ongoing activities and a testament to our team’s own adaptability to new online learning facilities, collaborations, and workshops,” Alremaihi says. “Our mentors and industry partners from across the world truly pushed the limits of creativity to make our vision for ‘Qumra Online’ come to life.” The Institute’s creative and innovative capabilities were put to the test. Time was extremely limited, and Together, we have defied geographical boundaries to offer our promising filmmakers a unique opportunity to present their projects to the world. Fatma Hassan Alremaihi CEO of the Doha Film Institute failure wasn’t an option. Alremaihi recalls, “In many ways, the experience accelerated our learning curve and understanding on how to connect filmmakers and industry experts remotely, to deliver on our mandate and achieve our set mission.” What began as an unchartered experiment in digital production became a rapid success. The new online edition of Qumra hosted over 220 online mentoring sessions for aspiring filmmakers with more than 100 industry experts offering their guidance and mentorship to the chosen projects. Twelve of the chosen projects supported by ‘Qumra Online’ came from Qatari filmmakers, showcasing the booming film ecosystem currently taking shape in Qatar. “It’s powerfully inspiring to witness the continuous growth of the depth and profile of our homegrown talent taking our stories to the world,” she says proudly. “Together, we have defied geographical boundaries to offer our promising filmmakers a unique opportunity to present their projects to the world and support the future of independent filmmaking.” 36 For the Institute, Qumra was the first in a series of new projects that aim to inspire the next generation to push themselves further than they have before. “We are constantly exploring how we can integrate online platforms with our diverse year-round programmes to link and collaborate with filmmakers in innovative ways and add value to their learning experience,” Alremaihi explains. Film has the power to rise above the mere value of entertainment and generate true impact. “For the last ten years, empowering the youth of Qatar has been central to our mission,” she states firmly. “We will continue to reshape the global storytelling landscape and empower emerging voices, while being responsive and adaptable to the needs of the community in these trying times.” With a blueprint in hand, the Doha Film Institute is prepared to adapt to any challenges that may come its way. Participant in a previous edition of Qumra 37