Q Life Magazine Issue 7 - Page 54

Issue 7 Qataris Abroad The set of AlMarri’s film “Embodiment” KHALIFA ALMARRI From one-man crew to international filmmaker A lMarri remembers the moment fondly: “The first man crew. That’s when I got the recognition and time my film screened at the school’s theatre... appreciation for being able to do all those things.” all my friends and teachers gathered around me asking all kind of questions about the film and how I managed to do it”. For AlMarri this was the turning point that would see his creative journey venture from the classroom to international film festivals. “I was always afraid of putting my work out there for How do you know when you have a calling in life? Many feel as if they will never know, but for Khalifa AlMarri, his inspiration came early, and he has never looked back. It all began when his teacher gave him a video assignment at school. 54 people to judge, but in that moment, I knew that this is what I’m supposed to do.” What makes his trajectory all the more impressive is the manner of his success. After winning an award at Doha Film Institute (DFI), in its role as a platform for young Qatari artists, offered AlMarri crucial exposure and provided the filmmaker with formative experiences that remain with him today. “It’s not like putting your work on any other online platform, because you get feedback directly from industry professionals from all around the world.” Empowered, AlMarri actively acknowledges that DFI “guided me to where I am today.” the 2015 Ajyal Film Festival, it was clear that AlMarri “Embodiment” is one of his films that has thrived stood out from the crowd. “I was competing with thanks to DFI’s support. Screened at several big budget films with big crews, and I was a one- international film festivals since 2017, the film 55