Q Life Magazine Issue 7 - Page 28

2 Issue 7 Qataris Abroad Beyond the realms of possibility The outstanding individuals and brands of our time all share one thing in common. Marked by a bold sense of adventure, they have taken risks and pushed the limits beyond the realms of possibility. Whether becoming the world champion in high jump, the first Qatari to scale Everest and Lhotse in the same expedition, or being the top choice air carrier for millions around the world, these figures have made a name for themselves not only at home but abroad as well. Having achieved major breakthroughs, they “ For me, Doha is the number one place to compete. I wanted to make my family, my people, my country, everybody proud. That is why winning at home was like a dream come true. Mutaz Barshim, Olympian and world champion in high jump 28 invent, achieve, surpass, and succeed because they dare to live beyond the realm of normal. 30 34 38 Mutaz Barshim: Soaring to new heights Qatar Airways: Bringing people together Fahad Badar: Failure is not an option 29