Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 45

The Changemaking Generation
Alongside Qatar Academy Doha , Education City is home to institutions that provide education for over 8,000 students from primary schooling to postdoctoral degrees , offering a Western education in a Middle Eastern setting . This includes branch campuses of Georgetown , Carnegie Mellon , Northwestern , Virginia Commonwealth , and Texas A & M Universities , and Weill Cornell Medicine . These globally-respected institutions sit alongside Qatar Foundation ’ s homegrown research university Hamad Bin Khalifa University , a science and technology park with a start-up incubator , three research institutes , community facilities , heritage sites , and cultural establishments .
“ I often joke that Qatar Foundation has a giant U-turn sign whenever people graduate or leave – we ’ ll always keep coming back . From 1996 to 2021 , I ’ ve been a part of the Qatar Foundation community . I have noticed that there is the same emphasis on multiculturalism at every stage , the same shared excitement for causes , and the same eagerness for progress . That ’ s what has kept me coming back ; the camaraderie found here ”.
Students at Education City are encouraged to integrate with all of the peers with whom they share the 12sq km campus . They are able to crossregister for classes at other universities and pursue joint minors , as well as benefit from collaborative initiatives , combined events , and shared amenities that are all designed to make students feel as much of an attachment to Education City and Qatar Foundation as they do to their specific institution .
“ I know that if I walk into any room in Education City , I ’ m going to meet people who care about recycling , sustainability , making education accessible for all , and furthering innovation . Being in Education City means we ’ re all committed to the same goals . It generates faster ideas , and I know that everyone will be on board to bring about change ”.
Young people are nurtured to make their own decisions and contribute to the advancement of Qatar . We nurture insightful , active , and productive changemakers . I think that mindset is extremely valuable . If here for a year or a decade , this place sparks passion .
Fatema Al Malki , Qatar Foundation student-turned-researcher