Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 39

The Changemaking Generation
Do you think QSTP is effective in achieving its aims ?
QSTP and its Free Zone continue to play a central role in enhancing Qatar ’ s profile as an international destination for technology development . We are home to top global technology companies who have invested in Qatar through QSTP . There are 73 companies at QSTP , including 26 startups in our incubator . We ’ ve seen 14 seed and startup funding deals take place since 2019 . Programs like our Arab Innovation Academy ( AIA ), Accelerator programme ( XLR8 ), and Stars of Science – QF ’ s innovation TV show – provide the right support tailored to the specific needs of innovators and entrepreneurs , advancing Qatar ’ s thriving startup ecosystem . Over 1,000 people have benefited from our innovation programmes since 2017 . By training and mentoring Qatar ’ s innovators and entrepreneurs to develop their business skills and create exciting new ventures , we are facilitating the development and commercialisation of new technology products and services as well as helping bring quality job opportunities into the Qatari market .
How does QSTP encourage young people in Qatar to innovate ?
We aim to equip Qatar ’ s youth and tech entrepreneurs with the tools and skills that they need to create successful careers for themselves . For instance , our new Meshkat programme is aimed at high school students , demonstrating the importance of innovation and showcasing the various career options that technology and entrepreneurship offer . The AIA attracts university students and young entrepreneurs from across Qatar and the region , providing them an authentic experience of developing and launching new technology ventures , with guidance from global startup leaders and experts .
Following this experience , our accelerator programme , incubation centre , as well as our funding and investment programmes , support promising innovators and entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to the market and grow their businesses . Additionally , larger companies based at QSTP actively collaborate with the wider QF ecosystem to stimulate the minds of our students and youth towards a career in RDI and tech entrepreneurship through their various educational , internship , and awareness activities . All of this highlights the highly collaborative and vibrant nature of the environment at QSTP .
What does the future of QSTP look like ?
Our vision is guided by the pursuit of growth and continuous improvement . We want to continue to support established companies operating in Qatar to take advantage of the benefits that our market offers , including the rich RDI ecosystem . We also want to support the next generation of Qatari entrepreneurs .
Yosouf Al-Salehi