Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 38

Issue 10
What made you want to be a part of QSTP ?
I wanted to play a role in taking Qatar ’ s RDI offering to the world stage . I have always believed in the vision and mission of QSTP , as well as in the longterm benefits that technology and investment in RDI can bring to Qatar .
What is the biggest mistake that you think startups make ?
The most common mistake I see is that entrepreneurs pour so much time and energy into the development of their product that they neglect the other vital elements of running a successful business – understanding the commercial aspect and having a go-to-market strategy .
The most exciting innovation in the world will mean nothing if you don ’ t take it to market effectively – that means understanding customer or end-user needs , analysing competition , addressing legal and Intellectual Property issues , undertaking marketing activities , and so on .
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur in Qatar ?
Entrepreneurs underestimate the power of networking and leadership – they must build solid relationships with investors and be able to inspire and lead a team . They also need to have close connections with their customers from an early stage , in order to collect feedback and optimize their products or services accordingly .
What motivated you to write a book about management ?
I ’ ve been fortunate enough to have learnt about running a business from many reputable coaches and through a wide range of experiences throughout my career . Ultimately , you need the right leadership and management skills to run a successful business , and so I wanted to pass on the knowledge I have in these areas to others , in the hope that they too can use it for the benefit of their careers .