Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 31

The Changemaking Generation
The national school curriculums in both Qatar and Kuwait included his story , mission , and success ; “ I am so grateful to the Ministry of Education for making me part of the curriculum , and making me able to bring about positive change in people ’ s lives ”.
Ghanim demonstrates that anything is possible
The experience taught me how people should never abandon their dreams and strive to make them true .
Ghanim Al Muftah , Influencer
“ I started creating content to show how living a life with a disability can still be fulfilling , and I like to ensure that my content is always meaningful , relevant , and impactful . I aim to deliver a set of messages revolving around the importance of humanitarian work , to spread hope and optimism in society , and to promote ongoing cooperation that can improve our communities ”.
When he was born , doctors predicted that he had little chance of survival . However Ghanim , whose name means ‘ winner ’ in Arabic , has gone on to become a story of hope and determination . He is now a Goodwill Ambassador , speaker , and founder of the Association of Ghanim and Ghanim AlMuftah Foundation .
Ghanim ’ s experience as a speaker for the United Nations taught him the power and the impact of his word ; “ the experience really opened my eyes , teaching me that a person with a real message can reach the entire world ”.
Ghanim ’ s charitable endeavours are in part funded by Gharissa Ice Cream , the ice cream business which he founded when he was nine . Among his many ambitions for the future is the expansion of his business by opening franchises across the Gulf region .
Ghanim is an enthusiastic sportsman , with a particular passion for rock climbing , skateboarding , and scuba diving . In 2008 , he started Ghanim ’ s Sports Club , providing a space for both physically disabled and able-bodied children to get together and play various sports , including karate , skateboarding , and basketball .
“ At the age of eight , scuba diving was one of my dreams . But I had doubts about whether my body could handle the pressure . Making this dream come true took a long time . My parents and I travelled the world and met with specialists . After years of work , we were able to design one of the world ’ s smallest Buoyancy Compensation Devices ”.
Ghanim thanks his family for his success and determination ; “ with my mother ’ s support and guidance , I have always felt that my life is beautiful . I thank God for all its tiny details , and because I view it as such , I live every detail of my life blissfully . I am at great peace with my disability , with my reality , and with all my daily conditions . Because of this , I love my life ”.