Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 28

Issue 10

Making an impact , one plastic bag at a time

Agency in Action was founded by a group of 45 ambitious and environmentally conscious students at Qatar Academy Doha , one of the schools under Qatar Foundation ’ s Pre-University Education . They have almost reached their goal of collecting 10,000 signatures to support a ban on single-use plastic bags in Qatar , showing that the drive of young Qatari activists is limitless .

Agency in Action has hosted bake sales , organised a plastic bag drive , distributed posters , organised surveys , and produced a ‘ Sea of Plastic ’ installation at their school made from gathered plastic bags .

Q Life spoke to Rawda Mansour Al Qassabi and Tayiba Muzaferija , two of the students involved in the campaign , about their experiences as young climate activists .
What was the inspiration to start the campaign to ban the use of plastic bags ?
Rawda : Plastic bags are very harmful to the environment and we , as Agency in Action , care a lot for the environment and Mother Nature .
Tayiba : Agency in Action hopes to make the world a better place . We are trying to clean our country and want to inspire more people to do the same .
You are almost at your goal of collecting 10,000 signatures in support of banning single-use plastics in Qatar . How does this accomplishment feel ?
Rawda : I feel really happy and excited that we have almost completed our first step in helping the environment .
Tayiba : We are so close , and we are so proud that other people agree that Qatar should ban plastic bags . It gives us such an incentive to chase our goal more than ever .