Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 24

Issue 10
Eman documents this work and her life to her growing online following , showing them both her inspiring achievements and her relatable challenges . This social media fame came with initial resistance , as she was reluctant to open up to a potentially global audience . Nevertheless , Eman is passionate about ensuring her peers are able to see an honest account of the ups and downs of being a teenager .
“ Observing the life of an online influencer , we only see one side which is perfect in every way . I saw this as very problematic . I try to show my audience how I work on myself and the challenges that I go through . I try to show them it is normal to cry and to be sad , but to get up again the next day . I have created a great family online loves me and watches me ”.
In 2018 , Eman founded “ Future Compass ”, a nonprofit initiative dedicated to helping youth better understand their university and career goals , and whether these aims are right for them . She was inspired by her own challenges in choosing the right courses for herself and saw an opportunity to make something that could truly help Qatari youth .
I met a youth who was following me on my platform and they told me ‘ you are the person who helped me to open my initiative and my business ’. Being an inspiration for others is something of which I am very proud .
Eman Al Obaide , CEO and Founder of ‘ Future Compass ’