Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 14

Issue 10
What project are you most proud to have worked on , and why ?
Amal Al-Muftah ’ s ‘ Sh ’ hab ’, my first film . It was hard for me at that age , but my family was so supportive and I am proud of what I accomplished .
‘ Sh ’ hab ’ received a lot of international acclaim , including for your own performance . Why did the film resonate so strongly with people ?
I think global audiences were touched by how Amal was able to share our perspectives , with a story so deeply rooted in our culture and traditions .
Can you tell us anything about the projects you are currently working on ?
I ’ m currently collaborating on a ‘ top secret ’ high school movie , which I think people are going to love . We ’ ve been working really hard on a screenplay , and are hoping to make it with the Doha Film Institute in the next year or two .
Do you have any techniques that help you get into character ?
With Amal , we did a great deal of rehearsal with the other actors . We also talked a lot about the themes behind the story and discussed how my character would be feeling at each moment .
Once the cameras are rolling on set , I just knew how to play that character , because we had been preparing for so long . She felt like a real person to me by that point .
What do you think about Qatar ’ s filmmaking scene ?
Our local film industry is growing every day , with great new actors , cinematographers , directors , editors and producers telling amazing stories through film .
What advice do you have for young actresses hoping to emulate your success ?
Never give up , no matter what . There are ups and downs , and it can be stressful sometimes , but you ’ ll get through it if you just believe in yourself and work hard to learn the craft of acting .
If you want to become an actress , I would also recommend you get in touch with the Doha Film Institute .
What are your favourite films featuring Qatari leads ?
There is another amazing young Qatari actress called Fatima Al Nahdi , who starred in the short film ‘ Gub Gub ’.
What is on your ‘ acting bucket list ’?
I ’ ve always wanted to win an Oscar . I know I need to work really hard first in order to deserve one . I would also love to be a part of movies that clear up misunderstandings about our region and the role of girls and women in our society .
Stills from the film “ Sh ’ hab ”