Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 33

The Changemaking Generation
Oweis Al Salahi
The two founders focus on bringing about change by encouraging people to make small changes to their daily routines . One of their initiatives involves educating young people in Qatar on plastic management and disposal , showing how reducing their consumption of plastic bottles and straws can support several SDGs .
Our generation is passionate and hard-working . Technological advancements have meant that we are more aware than ever before of our responsibilities and more able to view the world from different perspectives .
Oweis Al Salahi and Ajlan Al-Kaabi , Co-founders , SDGeneration Network
Oweis and Ajlan have been involved in Education Above All ’ s Youth Advocacy Programme and the Qatari Youth Delegation at the United Nations . These experiences gave them the confidence they needed to appreciate their potential as young people in advocating for change , and allowed them to see the power of partnering and uniting with others towards a common goal .
Oweis and Ajlan have since even gained recognition from the United Nations for their efforts , having been recognised under the SDG Good Practices Initiative as the only youth-led initiative in the region focused on achieving all 17 SDGs .
Heading into the future , Oweis and Ajlan hope to further expand the SDGeneration Network by continuing to integrate and collaborate with likeminded individuals . The pair also want to have the global sustainability agenda introduced in schools ’ curriculums , to further encourage young people to see both their responsibility and their ability to bring about change .