Q Life Magazine Issue 10 - Page 25

The Changemaking Generation
More than 400 students have now gone through the Future Compass programme , which offers vocational training and university experience , with Eman remaining a vital part of the core leadership team .
Future Compass has won several awards for its work , including notably being a finalist in the 2019 Akhlaquna Awards , under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser . This was a milestone for Eman ; “ I remember she held my hand and she told me that she is very proud of me , of what I am doing now and what I am going to do ”.
Having just graduated amongst the top of her class , Eman has great ambitions for her future ; “ I am working on many different initiatives . Currently , I am supporting a few initiatives under the Ministry of Culture and Sport ”.
Eman has equally big dreams for the rest of the youth of Qatar ; “ the new generation is much more aware and conscious . We are not afraid to speak up and we have the potential to be become great achievers ”.
“ I have one piece of advice that I always share with all the youth which is to not complain about the darkness , but rather be a light for yourself and others ”.