PYP in Action Newsletter Issue 8 [Eng]

Re us ed. PYP in Action Term 2 | April 2014 STUDENT LED CONFERENCES Sharing the learning Communicating achievements and progress Comments regarding our student led conferences included: “I learn so much about what happens in the classroom – I could have stayed all day” (Parent) “Seeing how confident the children are on the day as they demonstrate their learning makes all the hard work leading up to it worthwhile!” (Teacher) “I can’t believe my mum and dad didn’t know how to do that!” (Student) It was wonderful to see so many parents attend as another way to show how much you support and value your child’s learning development. Oanh Crouch|PYP Coordinator We have used student led conferences at St. Andrews for over 5 years now; where the student is the guide in a discussion or explanation about different aspects of their learning. Students are encouraged to use a common language – whether it be in English or their mother tongue language to communicate. Hearing a range of languages being spoken as learning is being discussed is certainly one of the highlights of a student led conference at an international school setting. The teacher’s role is to prepare the student before the conference, but on the conference day the student acts independently; communicating, evaluating and reflecting on their progress, accomplishments and next steps for future learning. It was a fantastic atmosphere last Tuesday as another successful and highly effective student led conference took place where I saw children:  take an active role in their learning  take ownership and responsibility for their work  see progress and development over time  become more aware of their own learning processes I heard Parents asking key questions and posing comments with the child/ren, including:  What does this piece of work show you have learned?  What are you most proud of?  This looks hard… Explain how you did this.  What did you find easy and/or hard about this? How could you improve on this?  You have taught me something new!