PYA for Radon Reduction Newsletter 2023 February | Page 2

Daryl Festa,

Premier Youth Ambassador Team Lead

Festa Technologies Inc.

The Premier Youth Ambassadors for Radon Reduction program aims to develop young adults from across the country that have a strong sense of civic responsibility and a commitment to their communities regarding radon gas testing, mitigation, and education. Their awareness of current and global issues regarding radon gas and lung cancer coupled with their strong interpersonal leadership skills will be the building blocks for future radon advocacy efforts. The program aims to promote mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration between people in the industry and health care fields. The program is open to young people ages 15 and up and adult leaders who will serve as mentors.

This program will explore themes such as the science of radon testing and mitigation, as well as, education, leadership, cross-cultural connections and community service.  The youth will develop their interests through specific activities; leadership trainings; civic participation at the community level; mentoring by community, business, government, and non-government leaders and engage with families and volunteerism.