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Indicators of Learning - Assessments a school district , we rely upon several measures , both standardized and curriculum based , to inform instruction as well as programming in future years . Each year , there are a variety of assessments in which our students participate and the 20-21 school year was no exception . The State returned to their testing regimen and required schools to administer the PSSA and Keystone Exams . Our students also participated in advanced placement , SAT , and NOCTI exams . Our staff examined this year ' s assessment results through a slightly different lens . Several factors influenced this adjustment including the timing of the assessments , student participation rates , and contextual factors related to circumstances of the pandemic . We considered potential differences in students ’ engagement , access to the internet , instructional setting , and degree of exposure to the grade level content standards , all of which may have influenced student learning and impacted individual performance .
PSSA The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment ( PSSA ) is a standards-based , criterion-referenced assessment . After a year pause for our students ( 2020 ), administration of the tests resumed in May of 2021 . Students in grades 3-8 were assessed in English Language Arts ( ELA ) and Mathematics . Students in grades 4 and 8 also participated in the Science assessment . This was the first year PVSD elected to administer all PSSA tests online ; paper / pencil mode was not an option for students .
PSSA Percentage of Students Scoring Proficient or Advanced
ELA Grades 3-8
MATH Grades 3-8
SCIENCE Grades 4 and 8
Keystone Exams Percentage of Students Scoring Proficient or Advanced
Keystone Exams The Keystone exams are one component of Pennsylvania statewide high school graduation requirements . The exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in the subject areas of Algebra I , Literature , and Biology . Students participate in these exams at the conclusion of the respective course . The Literature exam is administered at the conclusion of 10th grade English .