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Annual Report 2020-2021
The 20-21 school year was undoubtedly shaped by circumstances of the pandemic . Throughout the challenges , the Perkiomen Valley School District remained committed to our mission , vision , and shared values . As we look back on the year , we recognize , reflect , and reimagine . We recognize the impact of the pandemic on our daily operations and the strengthening of community partnerships in an effort to support one another . We reflect upon the learning breakthroughs , achievements , and accomplishments on the part of our students and staff . And finally , we reimagine how innovations and new approaches have emerged and are presenting opportunities to transform education .
Message from the Superintendent - Dr . Barbara A . Russell
The 20-21 school year was a year like no other . The stories , challenges and successes of it are important to remember . We learned a lot about teaching and learning and about ourselves . The innovative ways of navigating how to “ do school ” made a lasting impression on our practices . The camaraderie and giving nature of so many in our community during such difficult times was , and continues to be , inspirational . The uncertainty , fear , anxiety , frustration , and divisiveness that have come and gone over the course of the school year were not unique to Perkiomen Valley . However , there is hope and a focused effort on the part of our faculty and staff to promote healing and resume school operations in a manner that is closer to the “ normal ” we know .
Thank you to all who did everything possible to provide for our students while at the same time uphold health and safety in our schools and community . I am confident the experiences have made us stronger . After all , we are PV Strong !
Board of School Directors
The members of the Perkiomen Valley School Board during the 20-21 school year included ( back row , left to right ) Dr . Gene Halus , Sarah Evans-Brockett , Laura White , Dr . Reena Kolar , Beth Roberts , ( front row , left to right ) Kim Mares , Judy Lofton , Matt Dorr , and Dr . Wayde Weston .