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to create anew , reinterpret imaginatively , or rethink
Think Differently
The pandemic provided us with a unique opportunity to rethink school in ways that transformed learning opportunities for students and staff . By necessity , innovations and new approaches emerged . While some practices may return to the " normal " we knew before the pandemic , others have proven invaluable to the future of education as we continue to prepare our students for a world that is increasingly more diverse and careers , that in some cases , do not yet exist . The experiences of this school year were not always easy , warranting determination , perseverance , and grit . At the same time , the experiences served to enlighten our students and staff as to what the future of school might look like .
Inclusive Communities As we lead our students , we cultivate inclusive school
communities empowering each one to grow intellectually , socially , and emotionally ( PVSD mission statement ). We focus our efforts on assisting all students in reaching their intellectual capacity so that they are prepared to participate in rigorous learning . This aspect of our work also involves learning more about the differences that exist among us and developing a deeper understanding of these differences . The goal is to nurture empathy , respect and the feeling of inclusion for all students .
First-ever Unified Sports Team : Track & Field PVSD ' s first ever Unified Track and Field team was formed in the Spring of 2021 . This created an opportunity for intellectually disabled students and their typical peers in grades 9-12 to compete as one team . Unified Sports promotes social inclusion through shared athletic experiences , creating an environment that ’ s inclusive and supportive .