Put Technology to Work October 2018 - Page 4

FY19 PTW BUDGET by the Numbers $100,000 $980,000 CYBER SECURITY UPGRADES PUBLIC SAFETY TECHNOLOGY City Releases Interactive Street Tracker Map The City of has launched a street tracker tool to help our residents locate roadway projects and track their progress. This tool integrates live data from Cartegraph and our RWD (roadway/water/drainage) and E-builder systems and allows anyone to type in an address, set a buffer, and view information on all city water or street projects in that area.  And it is up-to-date, all the time.  Through a cross-departmental collaboration, the Office of Strategic Initiatives created an interactive Street Tracker map, where residents can learn about water, drainage and roadway projects. This data tool is optimized for mobile device use. “What makes this tool innovative is that the project information in the map is live to City systems. Therefore any update to project status is then updated in Street Tracker so residents have the most up to date information readily available.”, said Elaine Dennehy, Research & Analytics Manager. Check out a what What Works City has to say about the new app. Visit http://www.arlington-tx.gov/ streetconstructionprojects/  to try it for yourself.