Put Technology to Work January 2021 - Page 3

FY2021 Business Plan - Put Technology to Work

The City of Arlington develops an annual Business Plan to highlight specific highlights and activities directly reflected in the City ’ s Budget . These projects are determined by departments and the City Manager ’ s Office , approved funding requests and Council priorities . The Business Plan runs on a fiscal year , beginning October 1st and ending September 30th of the following year .
Each year , the Arlington City Council has a retreat to strategize on priorities for the next fiscal year based on needs within the community . These needs are determined by various means including citizen satisfaction ratings , feedback from residents and businesses and development trends . Once Council establishes their priorities for the following year , the City as an organization develops the Budget and Business Plan to address the adopted priorities .
Scorecards for the Council priorities and core services areas have been developed to represent the day-to-day business operations in departments . The activity measures are represented on scorecards in the back of each section in the project portion of the Business Plan .
The Business Plan and scorecards are updated quarterly , reviewed by the City Manager ’ s Office and provided to the City Council . They are also available on the City ’ s website .

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Major projects for the FY21 Put Technology to Work priorities include :
• Enterprise Resource Planning system implementation
• Right-of-Way process improvements in AMANDA
• ESRI ’ s Parcel Fabric and Local Government Information Model
• Publishing additional data sets on Open Arlington
• Installing additional firewalls and supporting telework to accommodate remote work
• Implementing a Fire staffing solution
• Traffic management technology improvements
• East Innovation Zone
• Implementation of virtual court dockets
Progress on these projects will be reported on in future Put Technology to Work updates and in the quarterly Budget Analysis Reports ( BARs ).
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