Pushin' On: UAB Spinal Cord Injury Model System Volume 38 | Number 2 - Page 4


Freedom Trax

The FT1 PRO ($ 5995 ) takes you everywhere you need to go with a :
• portable size that fits in a small car ;
• 10 mile battery range on a single charge using a rechargeable Lithium Ion 24 Volt Battery ;
• secure attachment system that fits on almost any manual wheelchair so no transfer needed ;
• water resistant durable design that is built for adventure by tearing through all terrain and weather conditions like snow , mud , gravel and sand ; and
• control in the palm of your hand using a cuttingedge joystick that turns on a dime .

The Freedom Seat

Individuals in wheelchairs cannot fly on airplanes sitting in the comfort of their own wheelchairs . Instead , they have to transfer into a standard plane seat . Worse yet , they have to first transfer onto a narrow isle chair , be rolled to the plane seat , and then transfer .
Either way , the wheelchair gets stored with the luggage in cargo . That loading and unloading and the bumpy ride in cargo often lead to wheelchair damage . It is often costly damage that can result in many unable to use their wheelchairs while the damage is being repaired .
Wheelchair have long wanted to remain in their chairs during flights . It is crucial for those with complex seating needs , which is why many avoid planes even though they would love to travel by plane .
Molon Labe Seating is trying to fix that with the Freedom Seat . The design starts with the standard 2-seat configuration like you would see in a standard economy class seating .
The difference is that the aisle seat can simply slide over the window seat . That reveals a lock system built into the plane along with space for a full size power wheelchair to lock into place .
The Freedom Seat is a design based on their patented improving S2 Slide-Slip Seat design . The company already has FDA approval for its S1 , S2 , and S3 designs to be used in commercial aircraft . It is currently raising money to help accelerate the Freedom Seat project to get it off the ground .
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