Pushin' On: UAB Spinal Cord Injury Model System Digital Newsletter Volume 33 | Number 2 | Page 4

TECHNOLOGY WATCH BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible SUV If you think those wheelchair accessible vans are a bit too sour for your taste, the BraunAbility MXV™ may taste a lot sweeter. For the first time, wheelchair users can have BraunAbility quality built into a vehicle that’s not a minivan. Built on the Ford Explorer, the new MXV is a wheelchair accessible SUV that personifies action and independence. The BraunAbility MXV™ holds four patent-pending features, including a glide-out door operation and a space-saving sliding shifter. BraunAbility’s dependable in-floor ramp technology maximizes interior space and removable driver and passenger seating offers flexibility for power and manual wheelchairs. Better yet – there is finally a mobility vehicle equipped with a tow package! Visit BraunAbility website for more information. Lillypad Scale for Wheelchair Users Have you ever tried to find a scale that is wheelchair accessible? Good luck. Your doctor’s office probably does not have one. So how are you supposed to keep track of your weight and know if that diet is working? The Lilypad Scale is the first home scale for wheelchair users with practicality in mind. The Lilypad Scale comes with four weighing pads (AA Batteries included) that can be arranged to fit any manual wheelchair’s wheel and caster settings. There is a thin rubber mat (36”x42”x1”) to hold the pads in place. The entire wheelchair scale weighs only 7 pounds, which makes the lightest home wheelchair scale available. It is easy to fold up (18”x21”x3”) for storage and light weight enough to take it anywhere on the go. When you want to use it, you just roll it out and roll your wheelchair on it. 4 uab.edu/sci So where is the weight readout? The scale works via Bluetooth 4.0 connection to the free Lilypad app on a smartphone or tablet, allowing users to easily read their weight while using the scale. The app offers two other key features. 1. Store wheelchair weight: You can store the weight of your chair the first time you use the Lilypad scale, or the user can input the known weight of the wheelchair. Then, the app can automatically subtract your wheelchair weight to give your body weight. 2. Graph your weight: Weights measured by the Lilypad scale can currently be sent automatically to the Apple Health app, where the weights are recorded and graphed. Weight recording and graphing through the Google Fit app in Android is coming soon. At about $600, the Lilypad Scale is not necessarily cheap, but it costs much less than other wheelchair scales designed for home use. If you also consider it is much more compact and portable than others, the Lilypad Scale might be a great investment in your health. The current weight capacity for the Lilypad scale is 400 pounds. There is another scale for power wheelchair and scooter users planned for the future. Go to the Lilypad Scales website